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Bigg Boss Telugu: Srimukhi in real danger?

Baba Bhaskar, Srimukhi, Ravi and Varun are nominated to be evicted from Bigg Boss house this week. Baba Bhaskar is popular among the youth for his sheer entertaining qualities. 
Ravi and Varun have good enough lady following, name too. Srimukhi developed negative image for her and the way, Shiva jyothi attacked her exposing some of her strategies, Srimukhi seemed defenseless. 
If she can survive this week, then Ravi could be the person going out. But gents on social media are highly against loud mouthed anchor who did show that she has a very fragile ego and can’t hide it, too. 
In any case, the game of the contestants now looks like an open book. No one is extremely popular and Mahesh seems to slowly aiming for Top 5 finish. Varun Sandesh and Baba Bhaskar seem to have gotten into good books of people more than anyone else and they look like certain Top 5. 
Will that be the case? Will Srimukhi staring at serious threat of eviction, try something arrogant? Or will she try something that will change tide in her favour? Let’s wait and see.