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Bigg Boss Telugu: Shilpa is evicted!

Shilpa Chakraborthy got evicted from Bigg Boss house in Telugu season 3 and all other contestants are not that emotional this weekend. But with many getting warning from Nagarjuna, the host, people feel they will be more careful now. 
Audiences are waiting to see what will be the nomination task in Monday episode. Sreemukhi and Punarnavi lost much of the support they have been getting from normal household viewers and social media viewers.
Ravi Krishna, Baba Bhaskar and Himaja are gaining more traction among the public. We have to wait and see, if they can become the final 5 or not. 
The race for the finale week seems to have already begun in the show. With Shilpa evicted, people are waiting to see, if Ali Reza or others from evicted contestants will get a chance to re-enter the house, as wild cards entries.