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Bigg Boss house cools down after Tamanna’s exit

For a week, Tamanna Simhadri made all the noise in the house by being unapologetically loud and even tortured, Ravi Krishna in the show. Her exit seem to be inevitable as the loudness is not appreciated in Bigg Boss Telugu seasons as much as in Hindi. 
Being loud is okay but being so rude and over the top, is not liked by public at all. Till now, Bigg Boss show runners saw that no one contestant take unfair advantage over others like Kaushal Manda could in the season 2 and that seems to be a welcome change in the show, this season. 
Srimukhi Rathod seems to be growing in popularity but Rahul, Vithika, Varun and Mahesh Vitta seem to be more active these days. Himaja, Purnarnavi, Ashu Reddy seem to get very divided attention public. 
Ravi Krishna and Baba Bhaskar seem to have been able to maintain a good name in the public eye in 4 weeks. We can see that the house is slowly being divided into groups and some are trying hard to fit in both the groups while some are playing waiting game. From first two seasons, this third one is a big change for sure.