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Big fight among little mega heroes

Big fight among little mega heroes

This story is about a young hero from the Mega compound, who had tasted his first big hit after a string of failures. His stock has suddenly gone up and producers are queuing up to sign him. The film is doing very well in Nizam and the craze hasn’t gone down though it’s already three weeks.

But, this has in unlikely fallout. The other young heroes from the mega stable are upset and are even jealous. The producer had made a film with one Mega young hero and that had bombed badly. Now that the other young hero has delivered a hit. There is a cold war brewing between them.

The hit hero is in no mood to give up. He wants to deliver another film and is working with vengeance. He knows he needs another hit to firm up his position. Will this hero succeed or his rival mega young hero will have a pyrrhic victory? Let’s wait and watch as the war unfolds. 

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