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Big B on Nisarga: We shall take it as it comes


Amitabh Bachchan has blogged to share his anxiety about the cyclone Nisarga.

“Silence.. the wait before the storm .. NISARGA .. nature .. the stillness and the anxiety of what lies ahead .. indications of the winds before the rain and the expected deluge begin to show in short bursts .. the covers shiver .. the personnel in roofed shelter .. the unexpectancy lingers about,” Big B wrote.

“It lounges about near by .. seeking the opportune moment to hit the land mass .. and rip apart the region in devastation .. nature .. nature has given us enough evidence of its presence superiority and standing,” he added.

“We shall take it as it comes .. one braves the thought .. and the hopes rise until the reality strikes,” Big B wrote in his blog.

At the time of publishing this report, the landfall process of Nisarga had started near Alibaug with strong winds of around 120-140 kmph.