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Beggar in Andhra found with Rs 2 lakh cash


 A beggar in Andhra Pradesh”s Kurnool district was found with over Rs two lakh cash, shocking the volunteers of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) when they were giving him a makeover.

Chinna Narasimhulu, who has been begging near a mosque in Dhone town, was found in possession of Rs 2,04,459 when the members of the Dronachalam Seva Samithi gave him a bath after the haircut and also provided new clothes on Monday.

According to Samithi member A. Madhu the 58-year-old had bundles of currency notes in the pockets of 14 shirts. Out of the total amount, Rs 77,000 were in the demonetised currency.

The NGO informed the local police about the money found with the beggar. Dhone Circle Inspector Subramanyam said their inquiries revealed that Chinna Narasimhulu alias Seenu is a native of the Muneppagutta colony in Mahabubnagar of neighbouring Telangana.

He told the police that he separated from the family about 24 years ago. His wife along with their daughter, who was then just eight months old, had migrated to Bengaluru for work.

Seenu, who has been begging in Done for 16 years, told police that he saved the money for his daughter in the hope that he would meet her one day.

The police official shifted him to an old age home in Kadapa and asked the NGO to open a bank account in Seenu”s name and deposit the money.

Done police were also in touch with their Mahabubnagar counterparts to trace Seenu”s family.