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Anushka takes up a new challenge!

Anushka Shetty turned into a risk taking actress as Baahubali films cemented her market. She is now, in a position what Vijayashanthi enjoyed 20 years ago. But the actress lost it due to poor selection of scripts and Anushka seems to be taking careful steps to not repeat those errors. 
She waited for an year to reduce her weight before taking up the character of a Mute Artist in Nishabdam. She is named, Shakshi in the film. 
The film team released first look of her from the movie, where she looks like painting someone with New York skyline in the background. Hemanth Madhukar is directing the film. 
People Media Entertainment is producing the film with Kona Venkat who also wrote screenplay for the film. Madhavan is acting in the film with Gopi Sundar giving the score.