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Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review

Cast: Mckenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson 
Music by Joseph Bishara
Cinematography by Michael Burgess
Edited by Kirk Morri
Directed by Gary Dauberman
Produced by James Wan, Peter Safran
First things first, horror films work at the box office due to their budget more than the element of scare they can evoke seems to be the mantra of latest scary films. The Conjuring Universe seems to work only on this principal than really making a good film that scares us to loose our wits. Conjuring 1 & 2 are very good no doubt, but The Nun and Annabelle movies haven’t been up to the mark at all. 
We see new stories being told with the doll but we don’t really see any layers of build up to the scares in these films. They just generically try for jump scares and then we are left wondering if there was any story or not. The films like Jaws come under good horror films as they use environment, story structure and characters to build on the tension. Conjuring 1 & 2, also use similar formula but somehow movies that belong to their lore don’t fit in exactly. 
It feels like we walked into a theater to close our hears more than eyes. The loud noises are too disturb us and give a scary experience but not to make us feel disgusted for walking into a film. Yes, Annabelle delivers two to three good scares but then fails to keep us engaged through out. It feels like writers got a generic idea that what will happen if kid of Demonologists in Conjuring opens the room, that they have filled with haunted substances from various cases. 
Annabelle takes the cake as she is the popular one and that’s it. The possession doesn’t seem gradually increasing intimidating us to be in her presence. It could have been titled Thambelle and we don’t see any difference. Many of the makers are unable to understand what to make of the most demonic doll ever and possession seems to be written in a random way. 
If Hollywood is scared to take experimental route even with 10 Million USD budget films that earn more than 100 Millon USD globally, then it seems like no one ever will try to encourage a pure thriller film like Oculus ever again. The movie drags in the second hour so much so that, we feel Chandramukhi re-run can scare us better and Muni 5 can entertain us with all the childish comedy more. 
Sound design, editing and cinematography all lend to practically no inventiveness and we feel like we’re trapped in our choice to spend time at a theatre than the film really deserving our time and appreciation. If you have a weak heart then go to this film for sure as you will feel insanely strong and incredibly bored out of wits, so much so that you won’t mind to watch  Conjuring again. But be careful that was a real scary movie and you could again turn weak. If you’re a fan of this universe, you can wait till home video release to give it a try. Others can skip it and watch may be few other films that interest them. 
Rating: 1.5/5