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Anasuya’s tongue lashing silences Sri Reddy

Anasuya And Sree reddy

Anchor-turned-actress Anasuya is hugely popular and is known to make right career moves. She has bagged plum offers in the films and is hot as an anchor. But, on social media, she is nothing short of a ferocious tigress. We all know how acid her tongue can be on social media.

Recently, upcoming starlet Sri Reddy Mallidi made some comments about Anasuya during her spate of interviews. She said that she, Anasuya and Gayatri Gupta were batchmates. She has made other comments also about Anasuya.

 The hot anchor did not take kindly to these comments and slammed her in the hardest possible manner forcing Sri Reddy to scurry for cover. Everyone is afraid of Sri Reddy and her shocking revelations about links with big names, but Sri Reddy is afraid of Anasuya and her tongue-lashing.