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Ali Reza’s elimination opens flood gates!

Ali Reza was expected to be out of Bigg Boss house after his anger issues but he showed class in exit. He did not fight with anyone and did not show any disappointment in going out as well. 
But Srimukhi, Shivajyothy, Himaja and even Rahul got emotional as he talked to them over phone after eviction. Baba Baskar master, Varun and everyone seemed to love him. 
Srimukhi, Shivajyothy were inconsolable and Himaja thought he cannot be out so early. Now, the group has been divided by viewers for good. We need to see how Punarnavi, Rahul, Mahesh will target the rest to get their control on the house. 
Nagarjuna and Nani danced on the floor continuing their camaraderie from Devdas movie and they entertained the audiences well with their comic timing. This week, we might see Srimukhi targeting Varun, Vithika more than Rahul as they seem to be getting tougher.  
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