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Akshay Kumar’s Kesari Movie Review

Kesari Movie Review
Kesari Movie Review
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra 
Cinematography:: Anshul Chobey 
Editor:: Manish More
BGM::Raju Singh 
Writers:: Anurag Singh, Girish Kohli
Director:: Anurag Singh 
Producers:: Karan Johar, Aruna Bhatia, Hiroo Yash Johar, Apoorva Mehta, Sunir Khetarpal
Bravery lies in a Man’s Heart and it’s valor expresses when opportunity presents itself. This is the kind of line one feels a war film would trend on. You want it to immerse you into the emotion and give bravery of men/women who fight to save many others, selflessly. An army man becomes great because of his restraint to not use easy means but plan the moves cleverly to seize or conquer an opponent without any fear. Kesari lacks in all such fronts. 
Kesari is based on a true incident (not every moment of it is exactly how it went down) of 21 bold, brave Sikhs, guardians of light, and in the rule of British, fighting the stenchful wretched hords of Afghans. Their absolute unrelenting macho badassery was a tribute to testosterone the world over, and echoes to this day like a sledgehammer against a bigger sledgehammer until the very stars of our universe begin to squeal.
Akshay Kumar seems to choose right movies or movies that will try to preach sentiments and National Integrity. He doesn’t want to balance them both when he is presented with an opportunity of such kind. In this movie, he could have easily made it about the bravery of a person who isn’t trained enough to fight at the warfront. He could have easily made it about human sacrifice to stop a bad ideology from spreading. But he and Anurag Singh just touched upon those beats without giving any stakes.  
Any good history book, will try describing the history in detail and we can find greatness in them by giving our own personal imagination to the events. Battle of Saragarhi is not about few well-trained Sikhs fighting for their valor but it is about the sacrifice of few untrained men under the able leadership of a great warrior. Khalsa Bhahdur ‘s 55 page baint verses about the valour of 21men would have sufficed, to give the director enough material to give a solid film.  Re-imagining it as a battle like half Rajamouli cooked up major war and half Ashutosh Gowarikar style slow burn is the major disadvantage for this overlong film. 
Everyone thinks about Border movie, that released 20 years ago which talked about India-Pakisthan War of 1971, especially the battle happened in Longewala. It was a classic and no body has any second thoughts in giving it the credit for being such a good example too. But making every war movie in the same style means that we are afraid to think different and big. Battle of Saragarhi became a classic example of Sikh valor and Sardars’ bravery because, a place which British used to communicate about the opponents and save some infantry, could hold off 10,000 men for a day, all due to the bravery of 21 Sardars. Hence, even British Government had to honour each one of them with highest gallantry award that they never did ever.( They never ever gave every soldier who fought in the battle highest honour. )
If the battle is all about only few people being able to stop so many, then no government would honour each one of them. No one will be tempted to build memorials and they won’t become the part of Sikh greatness and culture icons. Anurag Singh like a kid who opens an history book and imagine a battle during the dream, makes it all a child’s play. He tries to add stakes by giving some of them back stories but then we have seen it all in Border film, already. What is the uniquness of Battle of Saragarhi? Why we should still talk about the greatness of those 21 men? May be a small kid from Sikh community will tell it more valiantly. 
Rather than trying to give character to the battle itself, Anurag Singh tries to make it Akshay Kumar’s show of “Mardaangi (manhood)” again. The actor is trying all possible ways to make movies that will make a symbol of patriotism and National Integrity but he is approaching each movie with economics in mind. This one needed him to be actor Akshay than star. And again, he doesn’t balance and underwhelms us. 
Bottom line: An Underwhelming tribute to greatesrt human sacrifice! 
Rating: 2/5