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Ajit Doval is the problem for Uttarakhand BJP


The BJP is in a spot in Uttarakhand, which it considers is its burrough. The reason? National security advisor Ajit Doval. Yes. The NSA may solve problems everywhere else, but in Uttarakhand, he himself is a problem. He wants his son Shourya Doval to be given an MP seat from Uttarakhand. This is being strongly opposed by former Chief Minister and senior BJP leader BC Khanduri.

BC Khanduri is a retired major general in the army and was chief minister for five years. He wants his son Manoj Khanduri to be an MP and wants the same seat that Shourya Doval wants. As a result, a classic war-like situation is brewing between the two persons.

The competition reached a peak when octogenarian BJP leader Khanduri said he would leave the BJP if his son is not given the party ticket. As a warning, his son Manoj, a business journalist, has joined the Congress on Saturday. Needless to say, Rahul Gandhi gleefully welcomed Manoj.